Welcome to Virtual Clear Skin

Hey there!
Are you ready to work with us to clear your acne? If you’ve been looking for a whole new way to get rid of your acne without harsh prescriptions and antibiotics you’re in the right place!!

Here’s what you do:

Give us all your pertinent health info by filling out our Health Intake Form here: https://virtualclearskin.com/intake-form/.
This way the Acne Specialist can make an informed decision about which products would be best for your skin and acne type. Please include photos in the area provided (this will expedite the process).

Then sign our waiver here: https://www.smartwaiver.com/v/newclientagreement/

Our program requires committed individuals who are ready to stop trying to go the acne fight alone and are ready to follow our instruction and advice.

Once we receive both sets of info the Acne Specialist will review them. We will then email you with a link to which kit would be appropriate for your skin and acne type. We have found that starting our products 2 weeks prior to an appointment prepares your skin for the acne treatment and softens the breakouts making them easier to extract.

Once your kit is purchased we will contact you to schedule an appointment if choose to come to our office for treatments. This is the BEST way we have found to manage acne. We truly want you to get clear and look forward to supporting you all the way.